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Smile brighter at Quattro Dental with Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening is a professional-strength teeth whitening kit that allows you to get superior results in the convenience of your own home. Within just a few days, you’ll see teeth that are several shades whiter and no extra trips to the dentist’s office are needed!

Wear your Boutique Whitening kit for one hour per day. Most people see significant results within just a few days! Full results are visible within a week. If you have more tenacious discoloration, you can safely use your kit for up to two weeks.

To keep your smile bright, just touch up for a few days after each scale and clean!

How does it work?

All you need to get started is to have an impression made of your mouth. We’ll use the mould to create a fitted tray that rests over your teeth similar to an orthodontic retainer.

Boutique Whitening uses 6% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to provide fast results with short daily treatments. The pH-balanced formula and added potassium nitrate prevent teeth from drying out or becoming sensitive, which is quite common in over-the-counter kits. The thicker gel sets closely against teeth in the suction-moulded tray, keeping it evenly placed across your enamel for consistent results.

Place a small amount of whitening gel for each tooth and the push it down firmly over your teeth, distributing the solution. Wear it for about an hour. When you’re done, simply remove your tray and rinse it clean. You can also use a toothbrush to remove any residue. Don’t eat or drink anything while you’re wearing your Boutique Whitening kit.

Professional vs. Commercial Treatments

It can be tempting to grab a box of strips or gel off the shelf to whiten your teeth, but does it really work as well? In reality, no. Our professional strength solutions are more highly concentrated than anything you can buy in stores. Plus, they’re applied with fitted trays to keep gel right where you need it. An over-the-counter product has to work twice as hard, isn’t shaped to your smile and still won’t whiten your teeth as well as a Boutique Whitening experience.





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